Who’s It For?

We help people get paid for their expertise
while protecting their time
and building their business online.


Get paid for your expertise.

Support Teams

Feel great offering quality Premium Support.


Skip the airport. Be more available.

Sales Teams

Convert visitors, then upgrade relationships

Pro Bloggers

Connect with readers. Escape freemium.

Exotic Expertise

Share your talents with the world.
The Modern Freelancer: Quality content about once a month.  
What is it?

Video Conferencing with Lead Gen and Automated Payments


Lead Generation

Button for your website
Landing page to request help
Anywhere you can add a link


Screened Requests

Set your own price
Collects payment info
Clients ready to start


Video Conference

Work your own schedule
Only starts when you offer
Video and screen sharing


Invoice and Payment

Set your own price
Instant invoice and settlement
Deposits in ~2-7 days


Visitors → New Clients

with Micro-Consulting


Support → Revenue

with Premium Support


Monetize your expertise. Protect your time. Build your business online.

Build your own Brand

You're NOT a commodity
We're NOT a job board

Protect your Time

Skip free consultations
Good clients value your time

Connect Face-to-face

High-touch collaboration
Learn from your customers

Stay Billable

Automate lead generation
Automate invoice and settlement


Set your own price
Escape freemium

Build a Team

Scale from 2 hours a week to a full-time team

How Does bigSmall.io Work?

  • Jill is an expert.

    Her blog is awesome, and promotes her free WordPress plug-in.

    She offers it free, but her time is limited.

  • Jill adds her bigSmall button.

    It was a simple copy/paste.

    She enjoys helping people and making money.

  • Jack needs some help.

    Jack found Jill's blog and wants to customize her plugin. But he's stuck! He needs some one-on-one help.

  • Jack clicks to get help.

    So he clicks Jill's bigSmall button to make a request.

    He's not worried because there's a guarantee.

  • Jill offers a time and Jack is ready.

    She’s not worried because he already agreed to pay.

  • They work together in a video conference.

    They work online to solve Jack's problem.

    Jack shares his screen with Jill and they work faster.

  • Instant invoice

    An instant invoice at the end wraps everything up.

    Jill supports Jack, and Jack supports Jill.

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