Our Values

Why bigSmall.io

Business Is Exchanging Value

  • Education is an investment, and expertise is valuable.
  • Giving it away doesn't pay the rent. Help people 1-1 who value your expertise.
  • Money is power and creates new choices for living.

Conscious Relationships

  • Happy people can choose whom they work with, and build professional relationships.
  • Collaboration is easier when you can see the people you're working with.
  • Web video changes the internet, making it a personally accountable experience.

The Future

  • Today, we must take individual responsibility for navigating a changing future.
  • People are more effecient than institutions if given the right tools.

Work Is a Path to Liberation

  • Our work is what we contribute to society. It is core to our satisfaction as adults.
  • Finding satisfaction in work is a path to liberation and enlightenment.

Open Source Roots

The micro-consulting platform known as bigSmall.io was founded in 2016 by Michael Cole, an engineer and entrepreneur.

Michael originally started bigSmall.io because he wanted to offer a sustainable option for individual open-source contributors to continue supporting projects they believe in.

He was the full-time volunteer for a project used by thousands of developers worldwide. He contributed months of effort in a way that was ultimately unsustainable, and couldn't pay his rent. He learned many things from that experience, but the most important lesson was the concept of idiot compassion.

What is idiot compassion?

“It refers to something we all do a lot of and call it compassion,” says Buddhist nun and author Pema Chodron. “In some ways, it’s what’s called enabling. It’s the general tendency to give people what they want because you can’t bear to see them suffering.”

Compassion is a creative act. It’s seeing the opportunity to share a colorful experience, then acting upon it. But we all have limited energy to spend before our inevitable end, and time is a nonrenewable resource. It’s our discrimination that lets us put our energy where it is most appreciated and useful, and to do so in a sustainable way.

Are you ready to connect with people who value your expertise?