Be Important, Urgent, and Credible

Be Important, Urgent, and Credible

When people evaluate you, any potential client has to make three choices:

  • Do I need this?
  • Do I need this now?
  • Do I need this now, from this person?

Your brand is how people feel about you and your work, and at a minimum, it should communicate:

  1. Do I need this? Yes, it’s important
  2. Do I need this now? Yes, it is urgent
  3. Do I need this now, from this person? Yes, its credible and safe
  4. Ask for the sale. A call to action.
  5. Full stop. Someone can’t say yes if you’re still talking.

Important and Urgent

How to prioritize anything:

Urgent Not Urgent
  • Eating when hungry
  • House fire
  • Taxes (before 4/10)
  • Global warming (somebody is working on it right?)
Not Important
  • Every animated web ad
  • Posting on social media
  • Reading social media
  • Reading the news

People take action when it’s important and urgent.

  • Are you happy doing unimportant things?
  • Do unnecessary choices bring you pleasure?

Top left or nothing.

What’s important? Your offer makes them a hero.

Importance is a feeling, not a logical conclusion. Our conscious mind and ego create the story of our lives. The ego builds that story to fit the “facts” of our conscious and mostly unconscious choices.

Our lives, values, and necessities sometimes are on conflict. So we sometimes need a bit of “justification narrative” to make it work together.

To communicate importance to someone, offer a narrative for them to experience. That narrative will “feel right” or not depending how it resonates with their identity.

This doesn’t need a 120 page movie script. It’s 3 acts in three sentences. Your buyer is the hero. There are several formats, but essentially:

  • Act 1: What’s at stake for the hero. Emotionally. Professionally.
  • Act 2: What choice or crisis are they facing?
  • Act 3: The feeling of success for choosing your help.


  • Act 1: Your expertise is important.
  • Act 2: But how do you offer your talents, help people, and earn a living?
  • Act 3: Sign up with bigSmall and help people who value your expertise.

Here’s a 1 hour WordPress security assessment:

  • Act 1: Your customers, business, and reputation are as vulnerable as your website.
  • Act 2: Are you confident your site is safe from hackers?
  • Act 3: Our custom 1 hour WordPress security assessment can quickly find and often fix problems before you have to tell your customers they’ve been compromised.

Here’s a Photoshop Tutoring story:

  • Act 1: Your creative vision is raw talent.
  • Act 2: But are you wasting time fighting your tools?
  • Act 3: We offer instant support to bring your creative vision to reality.

What’s urgent? Violence.

Every salad is a massacre against vegetables. Our lives are splattered in violence, politely displayed in civil society.

Why are taxes urgent? The IRS will audit you, tell your employer to garnish your wages, and put a public lein on your property.

If you want something to be experienced urgently, express the violence of it. This doesn’t mean aggression, and certainly not a threat. But expose the raw pain of it, and it will become urgent. Failure. Loneliness. Loss of face. Being passed up. Humiliation. Fear of missing out.

This article begins: “When people evaluate you…”. Violence.

Sure, you’ve worked very hard, but if you can’t express your value urgently, why shouldn’t it be another bookmark to be deleted later? Violence.

Credibility. Offer a blanket.

Importance and urgency get attention and invoke desire. Credibility is what protects us from bullshit and flim-flam.

Credibility is a smiling face offering a blanket.

The easiest way to express credibility is social proof and testimonials. bigSmall offers every client a chance to give you a testimonial, to show on your landing page.

The next easiest way to show credibility is to express “process”. Blanket use isn’t a random application. EMTs don’t just throw a blanket at someone. It is a process: unfold, drape over shoulders, wrap left, wrap right, a hug. Don’t explain or defend your process. Just say it exists, what goes in, comes out, and how it feels at the end.

Ask for the sale

“Would you like to get paid to help people who value your expertise?”

You have the right and obligation to ask for the sale.

Ask for what you want. Be specific. Listen.

Build Your Own Brand

Building your own brand happens by inches. Presenting your expertise as important, urgent, and credible helps potential clients by speaking directly to your value. Welcome Series

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  5. Be Important, Urgent, and Credible
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