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bigSmall.io Welcome Series

This article is part of our bigSmall.io Welcome Series. We help experts to get paid for their expertise.

Unlike marketplaces and job boards, we provide tools to engage new paying clients right from your website - without being part of a job board cattle call.

If people visiting your content want your help and you’d like to help them in a 1-1 video conference for money, bigSmall helps you connect, help, and get paid without chasing invoices.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Confident Voice and Body Language
  3. The First 5 Minutes
  4. Design The Experience
  5. Be Important, Urgent, and Credible
  6. Look Great in Any Video

bigSmall.io offers experts streamlined sales, marketing, invoicing and settlement processes keep them billable.

The Modern Freelancer features and curates content for more money, less work, and happier clients - both online and offline.

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